Taxi Driver Turned Midwife

Taxi driver Jan Mohammad turned midwife on Tuesday. Samantha Fraser gave birth in the back of his cab after they were on their way Wexham Park Hospital.

Samantha gave birth to her 6th child in the back of Mr Mohammad’s Vauxhall Astra weighing, 6lb 2oz. In the taxi with her was her partners mother, Anne-Marie, she said “It was shocking.”
Samantha said, “He was due on May 3rd.

“I started getting my normal contractions. They were not coming that quick, about 5 minutes apart.

“We phoned for a taxi and thought we had plenty of time but he just decided to come straight out.”
Mr Mohammad drove them all to Wexam Park and they arrived there at 8am. She was met at the door by hospital staff that were already aware of what had happened. At the hospital baby Aaron is now known as “our car park baby”.

Jan Mohammad had to take the rest of the day off to recover from the events in the morning and to have his car cleaned.

This is not the first and won’t be the last time someone gives birth in the back of the taxi, although Samantha was lucky she wasn’t charged for the journey unlike Melissa Crosdale who gave birth in March. Not only did she have to pay £14 to the taxi driver just minutes after giving birth, she also faced a £40 soiling fee as her waters broke inside the cab.

Although giving birth in a taxi doesn’t cause actual damage to the vehicle it is always a good idea to have taxi insurance as you never know when you will need it, or what could happen inside your taxi!

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