Taxi Driver Sentenced After Teenager’s Fall Death

A cabbie has received a 12 month suspended jail sentence after a teenage girl fell out of his moving vehicle and died in Halifax.

The tragic death of Lisa Saville, 19, happened after a night out when she tumbled from the taxi and hit her head on the ground.

The death happened on the 4th March 2011, when there was a disagreement over the fare which involved another passenger in the cab.

The other passenger was Daniel Briggs, who Bradford Crown Court had heard was “aggressive and abusive” with taxi driver Igbal, and it was agreed the cab would pull over and stop.

Iqbal was then punched in the head by Briggs before leaving the vehicle and the court heard that in a moment of “panic”, the driver started to move off, leaving Saville in the back of the cab with the door open.

“Lisa was left in the back of the cab with the door open or partially open, you nonetheless drove on.

“You should have stopped. What you did was drive a passenger in your vehicle with the door open with the risk that they may seek to leave the vehicle.

“You drove off when you realised she was no longer there in the cab. You did not turn back to see what had happened,” Judge Robert Bartfield told him.

Later on in the evening, Iqbal drove back to the taxi rank and later cleaned his cab, the court was told.

“Her loss is as devastating today as it was when she met her untimely death”, the judge said.

Taxi driver Iqbal lost his private hire insurance and license and received a ban from driving for 1 year and also a 12 month prison sentence suspended for 2 years.

Iqbal was also ordered not to enter Halifax during the period of his punishment and made to do 100 hours of unpaid work.

No prison sentence would bring back Miss Saville, said the judge, but Iqbal would “have to live with this for the rest of your life”.

Iqbal now lives in the Worcester area and the court was told how he had been psychologically affected by the tragedy and how also, during a small spell on remand he was violently assaulted by fellow inmates.

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