Taxi Driver Only awarded 24p in Compensation

One of the main worries for taxi drivers is customers who don’t pay their fare which is why one was upset to find out that five men he had given a ride home to failed to pay their £24 and to make it worse once they had been caught and pleaded guilty, the driver was then only awarded 24p in compensation. Although taxi insurance doesn’t cover fares that aren’t paid it is a comfort to know that if anything actually happens to the vehicle then the damage is covered. This provides a little piece of mind in what can be a challenging business.

Mark Salter has been a taxi driver in Epsom for the last three years and one night during last May he picked up a group of five men outside Epsom station. While they were in his taxi he overheard them talking about a robbery that had happened earlier on in the evening in the town. He reached there destination in New Malden and four of the men ran off without paying whilst one stayed and verbally threatened Mark Salter and proceeded to walk away, again without paying the fare.

Despite the threat Mark called the police and also followed the men to a pub. This meant that the police were able to arrest the man who threatened him for evading the taxi fare and was later arrested in connection with the robbery.
Mr Salter then spent the rest of the evening filling in compensation forms for loss of earnings and the taxi fare that was evaded in the first place.

Unfortunately he never had a reply from the police although when he got in contact he found out that the man who had been arrested had been found guilty of evading the fare and that Mark would be given 24p in compensation.
Sadly there is no duty from the police to keep victims aware of court cases, especially when the defendant has pleaded guilty and there is no need for a witness. Craig Knight is Epsom’s neighborhood inspector and he has said that he is disappointed with the level of compensation Mark Salter received.

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