Taxi Driver in Bristol behind Bars for Running down Passenger Over an £8 Fare

Muhammed Javed, taxi driver from Bristol, has been jailed for 6 months after he had run over a male passenger over in an argument over an £8 cab fare, which was proven in CCTV footage.

The passenger, Huw Lloyd suffered with head injuries and a fractured hand after Javed drove into him, carried him on the car bonnet for around 25 metres and leaving him on the road before fleeing the scene.

Lloyd was treated for cuts to his scalp and had his hand put in a plaster at Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Lloyd got into a taxi with his friend and refused to pay the full fare as he had asked the driver to pull over when the meter reached £6, Bristol Crown Court head.

Javed was accused of acting aggressively and at one point, threw a punch and Lloyd. After the argument escalated, Lloyd went to take a picture of the cab’s number plate, which aggravated Javed, who revved his engine and drove into his passenger.

Members of the public rushed to help Lloyd.

Javed pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and dangerous driving, and was given a prison sentence, lost his UK Taxi Insurance and was banned from driving for two years.

The prosecutor, Eric Waley said, “They asked the defendant if he could take them to Cromwell Road for £7 but he said he would do it on the meter.

“When the meter reached £6 they asked to be let out but the defendant continued to drive. Miss Nicalaous said they would call the police unless he stopped and he pulled over in Stokes Croft where the fare showed £8.

“They said they would only pay him £5 because they asked him to stop and he hadn’t. They said he was arguing and being aggressive.

“Javed got out of his taxi and seemed to put his arm out to stop them leaving and is then seen to throw a punch at Mr Lloyd who seems to block it with his arm.

“The defendant ran back to his car. Mr Lloyd left but then returned to take a photo on his Blackberry phone. This really aggravated the defendant.

“He started the engine and jolted the car forward on a couple of occasions causing Mr Lloyd to put his hands on the bonnet.

“Then a black cloud of dust can be seen from the wheels spinning where he clearly has his foot down on the accelerator. He drove into Mr Lloyd causing him to go onto the bonnet and when he fell off he hit his head on the floor.’

Recorder, Simon Foster, told Javed, “It is quite plain that you deliberately used your taxi as a weapon.

“You drove deliberately at someone stood right in front of your vehicle.

“He was upon the bonnet of your car and carried down the road for some 25 metres before falling off and your vehicle disappeared around the corner.

“It is in my mind extraordinary that there was not more injuries caused. They could have been horrendous.”

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