Suspected Illegal Immigrants try to Escape in a Cab

Essex PoliceAfter a raid at an Indian Restaurant, Zafrani, in Hatfield Heath, five suspected illegal immigrants whom two of them tried to evade capture in a cab, were arrested.

Six members of staff tried to leg it last Thursday, as soon as the police and the UK Border Agency arrived at the restaurant.

Three of the suspects were arrested at the restaurant, but two of them jumped in a taxi and tried to avoid the capture.

Lorna Williams, UK Border Agency officer, who led the joint operation, said, “The two men were instantly recognisable in this cold weather because both were in their shirt sleeves. We radioed Essex Police for support, gave them their descriptions and they called up their helicopter to track the suspects down.”

The two men were seen hailing a cab which was then tracked and found nearly 35 miles to Tilbury. The vehicle was stopped and the men were taken into custody by Essex Police traffic officers, but only after they had paid the cab fare of £60.

Williams also said, “These two probably thought they had got away, but we have an excellent working relationship with all our local police forces and they were more than happy to help us bring the men in. Ultimately, the men could have saved themselves a cold night and £60 if they had just come quietly.”

The cab driver would have been out of pocket if the passengers haven’t paid, which is quite a lot of money, especially with the increased cost of fuel, taxi insurance quotes and maintenance costs for the vehicle.

After the checks, it was discovered that the 5 men had overstayed their visas from Bangladesh.

The restaurant now faces a fine between £10,000 – £50,000 per member of staff, for hiring the illegal workers, unless they can prove that the correct right to work checks were carried out.

Williams said: “Where we find people who are in the UK illegally we will seek to remove them. But we are also looking to target the employers who take on illegal workers and fuel illegal immigration.

“We’re happy to work with businesses to let them know what checks need to be done on staff, but those who choose to break the law should know that we are looking for them and they will face heavy fines.”

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