Super Rich Taxi in Super-Cars

In Jakarta, Indonesia, many wealthy residents thought that they were in for a treat when they thought they could get a taxi ride in some of the world’s fastest cars. It turns out, this was just a very elaborate PR stunt.

The taxi firm went by the name of MM Cabs and said that there was an up and coming market for those wanting to enjoy a luxury lifestyle in all extremes. The taxi firm was actually run by the biggest bank in Indonesia, Mandiri. It was a marketing scheme to help promote the banks new mobile banking app.

The super cars were fitted with taxi signs and a MM Cabs logo, and of course were bright yellow. Of course after finding out that you can take a taxi ride in a super car everyone is going to flock to Twitter. When they got to the MM Cabs Twitter page they were sent via a link to the Mandiri website which was promoting the new app.

The whole scheme is thought to have cost Mandiri, £135,000 including the taxi insurance and hire of the two super cars: a Porsche Boxster S and a Ferrari 360 Modena and were both 2011 models.

Those who did manage to get a ride in the cars over the weekend long promotion were driven for free from the top end shopping malls. Even though they were being driven around in some of the world’s fastest cars it is doubtful they managed to pick up any great speeds. Jakarta is renowned for gridlocked streets.

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