Sound off for Legal Aid Cuts in London Cabs

The biggest shake up of the civil Legal Aid system in its 50 year history has been proposed this week. The Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke, has proposed that civil Legal Aid should only be routinely available to those who face losing their home, liberty or life.

Sound Off For Justice has created a campaign to help raise awareness and give Londoners a chance to have their say. Three London black cabs have been kitted out with iPads and iPhones and transformed into mobile ‘sound-off’ booths so that people can voice their opinions about the plans to remove Legal Aid support from millions of people. Londoners can easily sign the online petition or leave a voicemail to protest about the latest Legal Aid cuts. The messages will then be sent to Clarke in the hope that he will rethink the proposed cuts.

The three taxis won’t be hard to miss as they will carry the campaign colours of red, white and black, along with the unique Sound Off For Justice logo of lady justice armed with a megaphone. Each cab will accompany a concierge, who will inform the passengers about the campaign and show them how to use the devices to join the petition.

If you want to get involved, the three taxis have already started driving around London since 8am on Monday 16th May and will finish on Friday 20th May 2011. The cabs will cover Zones 1 and 2 and passengers will get a complimentary cab ride if they wish to leave a soundoff.

With all the high-end gadgets that the taxis will be carrying and the amount of people that will want to get involved with the protest, we hope that all three cabs have full taxi insurance to cover this event.

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