SMS Software to Work Alongside Taxi Drivers

Amber Cars are a taxi services but they released software last year which is location based advertising. It is called MobiTexi. Amber cars have said that this is the first software of its kind and it is proving to be very popular.

The managing director of Amber Cars, Andrew Pennock, created the software with the help of Paul Green who is a software architect. The software was originally created to benefit the taxi firm by making people more aware of who they were but interest from other companies meant that it is now available commercially.

Last year in September MobiTexi had just five customers, now it has 126.

MobiTexi is SMS software which offer location based advertising for businesses. This helps them target specific audiences e.g. students.

The software allows taxi’s to send messages to the customers they are collecting with information about the vehicle and also gives them a chance to receive feedback.

Craig Pollock who is the operations director has said, “When you get in the car you get a text saying, ‘Thank you for using Amber Cars’ and the advert is placed depending on where you are going what time it is and so on.

“We developed the advertising really as an add-on for local businesses so they would stick with Amber Cars.”
In the first six months of being on the commercial market MobiTexi had contracts with the biggest private hire companies in the UK and those companies in the recruitment, fast food and hospitality sectors are seeing huge benefits from the SMS scheme.

This is great news for everyone involved including local businesses and taxi drivers who are struggling at the moment as it will increase awareness. Having repeat business for taxi drivers will make it a little easier to pay for all those extra’s that come with being a taxi driver such as fuel, UK taxi insurance, maintenance costs and the quieter days where business isn’t guaranteed.

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