Smallest Mobile Street Party

Last week we told you about Liverpool taxi driver Bernie Buxton who turned his cab into a Jubilee photo booth. Well it looks like he wasn’t the only one to celebrate in his taxi.

Colin Sinclaire is a taxi driver in Harrow and is locally known as Colin The Cabbie. He, just like Bernie, decorated his cab so he could share his celebrations with his customers while working over the bank holiday weekend. As being a taxi driver is very demanding and means many can’t take bank holidays off, ensure you have taxi insurance to fall back on in case something does happen. It will enable you to carry on day to day with your business in these circumstances.

Colin’s taxi included brass band music, bunting, fold out table, sandwiches and cakes. Those joining in the celebrations with Colin had no extra cost to pay other than to enjoy the mini street party in the back of his cab.

Colin said, “I love celebrating a good British knees up, but I couldn’t afford not to work on the busiest weekend of the year. I didn’t want this to stop me from joining the fun, so I created what I named Britain’s smallest mobile street party.”

Other celebrations happened in Harrow, everything from street parties to a Sabbath morning service. Councillor Barry Macleod-Cullinane and Councillor Amir Moshenson were invited the Vernon Drive synagogue where there experienced the traditional Sabbath morning service as well as reading from children in the area who explained links between Judaism and the Jubilee.

Chairman at the synagogue, Anthony Broza said, “Belmont is proud to pay tribute to the Queen, and what a fabulous way to do so.

“It was a privilege to have the Mayor, Mayoress and Councillors with us on this historic morning. Their presence helped enhance what was a special and memorable day.

Even though this time last week, many of us were still celebrating the Jubilee and enjoying an extra day off we still love to hear about all the different ways taxi drivers up and down the country chose to celebrate their Jubilee weekend. If you did something a little different let us know below or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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