Skegness Taxi Drivers suffering due to Potholes

large potholes in the roadThe state of the UK’s roads has been a hot topic in the news recently, especially as the long winter has meant that more and more drivers are seeing potholes appearing on the roads. Potholes are caused when rain gets into cracks in the road, freezes, expands and then causes even bigger cracks to appear. Roads which experience heavy amounts of traffic and are often used by large commercial vehicles are often the worst affected, as the daily friction from cars also leads to potholes increasing in size.

Drivers are now becoming even more concerned with the amount of potholes in roads as they can cause damages to vehicles that can be extremely expensive to fix, which is what many taxi drivers in Skegness have recently discovered. Many have complained that the local council are not doing enough to fix the roads, and that this is leading to fleets of taxis constantly needing to undergo repairs. Not only is this expensive to fund, but can also lead to taxi drivers having to rely on their taxi insurance in order to cover the costs, which could lead to their premiums increasing next year.

For example, Dave Daubney of Dave’s Taxis has claimed that he has spent hundreds of pounds on repairing his taxi fleet over the past three months alone, and is concerned the local authorities are not taking fixing potholes in the area seriously. He said: “I’ve had several repairs and the issues soon come back as the potholes aren’t fixed. I’m disappointed Highways haven’t pulled their finger out sooner as we’re nearly into the Easter break.” Meanwhile, Rob Colbourn of Skegness Vegas Cabs said: “There’s loads of holes and the problem comes back if it’s not closed properly. It’s like a rally race on Roman Bank near Butlins.”

Last Month, Lincolnshire’s County Council’s Highway department said that road repairs would start in the area on March 18th subject to weather conditions; however the cold weather has meant that this has had to be pushed back. This means that during the Easter holidays in the next two weeks many drivers will be forced either to turn down business or drive on unsafe roads that could damage their vehicle’s tyres, suspension, and bodywork.

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