Rochdale Taxi Driver Brutally Attacked

A taxi driver from Rochdale is lucky to be alive after having his throat slashed by a robber.

Munir Ahmad required 14 stitches to a deep wound beneath his chin, and now does not feel comfortable to return to the job.

The 39 year old had picked up a passenger outside a pub in Middleton, near Rochdale. The passenger then asked to be driven to Stakehill Industrial Estate on Rochdale Road. Once there, however, things turned ugly as the passenger emerged to be a knife wielding thug who demanded cash from Mr Ahmad.

Mr Ahmad, father of two young daughters, was slashed once across the throat. He has spoken about how he then managed to find his way out of the car in order to raise the alarm; however, the attacker followed him and attempted to attack him again.

The thug then drove off in the car with a cash bag and a mobile phone. The black Vauxhall Vectra, covered with private hire insurance, was seen crashing into a parked car just moments later before the thug ran away from the scene.

Mr Ahmad, who lives in Deeplish, Rochdale, was rushed to hospital and is now recovering at home with his family. He also sustained injuries to his knee and hand.

Mr Ahmad has been speaking about the horrific event: “I got out of the car and tried to run away but I slipped and he caught up with me on the floor. He tried to slash me again and I held his arm. I told him there’s money and a mobile phone in the car. I thought I was going to die. I was shouting ‘someone please help me save my life’. The doctor said I was very lucky to survive.”

Mr Ahmad has been a taxi driver for nine years, and now feels too traumatised to return to the job. He said: “It was such a big shock. I just want to have a safe life. There’s too much risk in this job.”

Mr Ahmad drove for private hire firm, Diamond Cars, for four years, and Shafaq Khan, the Managing Director, has commented: “That knife could have killed him – and I think that the guy wanted to kill him. He is very, very lucky. Being a taxi driver is a very risky business these days. These people who attack taxi drivers are cowards. We are struggling as it is. It is an awful situation and we are requesting that the police and the council do something to help us. We need to protect our drivers more.”

A 16 year old male has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, and is expected to be interviewed today.

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