Redundancies for Manganese Bronze

The administrators of taxi makers, Manganese Bronze are meeting with Unions who are trying to get redundancies postponed.

PricewaterhouseCoopers have so far made 156 people redundant. As a result Roger Maddison who is the unite national union officer for automotive is trying to reach an agreement with them that means not as many jobs are lost.

The redundancies may mean that fewer vehicles are produced, if any and this could send prices soaring. This will therefore have a knock-on effect and taxi drivers could suffer especially when they have other costs to consider including private hire insurance and fuel.

The Coventry council are worried that if the redundancies are made then they will lose the last major car manufacturer.

Mr Maddison said that if the company is going to be sold then it, “needs those highly skilled people still employed by the company, otherwise people are just buying bricks and mortar.”

Councillor Lynette Kelly said, “There were things we were told by the chief executive on Friday who reassured us, the unions, that there was a future for the factory that they were confident this firm was going to continue.

“They were confident that people were going to continue in the jobs.

“Whatever was said on Friday obviously did not really reflect the true situation of this factory and it is devastating news for everybody that works here because the ones that aren’t made redundant, they must be really concerned about their future.”

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