Petition to Stop Taxi Rank Move

A petition has been signed by 600 people who are against the relocation of the main taxi rank in Cambridge.

The rank is currently situated on St Andrews Street and the proposal is to move it to Drummer Street. If this is the case then the journey to and from the shops is too far to walk and many fear that this will have a huge impact on the taxi trade because the rank won’t be as visible.

The St Andrews rank does over 2,000,000 trips each year but now the Cambridgeshire County Council has made plans to close the rank as they want to increase the speed of bus travel.

They have said that bus journeys are slowed down considerably by congestion and over ranking at the marked waiting zone outside the taxi ranks.

David Wratten is the treasurer of the Cambridge Licenced Taxi’s and he has said, “Even if people can get into town without a taxi, they want flexibility to get home if they’ve got shopping.

“This is the easiest rank in town, and if you removed it a lot of elderly and disabled customers would have further to walk.

“It’s going to affect the trade because so many jobs go off from there in the day.”

Many are hoping that the council will change their minds. Moving the taxi rank may speed up bus journeys but it means many taxi drivers will struggle for a businesses in a new area. This will mean tougher times when it comes to paying bills such as private hire insurance, fuel and cleaning costs.

The plans to relocate the taxi rank are part of a bigger plan to stop all traffic except buses using St Andrews Street.

Dearbhla Lawson is from the Cambridgeshire County Council and she has said, “Our intention is to enhance the environment and safety in this area and improve accessibility, especially for bus services.

“In doing this we will consider all access requirements by all users including those with mobility impairments.”

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