Paris launch for Taxibeat's smartphone app and driver marketplace

Taxibeat, a hail-a-cab smartphone app and taxi driver marketplace launched in Paris this week ahead of the annual LeWeb technology show, which gathers entrepreneurs, sponsors, venture capitalists and visionaries all under one roof.

The company hailing from Greece, originally launched the app in Athens 2007 and recently expanded its service across the globe to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, Oslo in Norway and Bucharest, Romania.

Available on both IOS and Android platforms, the app works similarly to many of other taxi cab applications that have emerged over the past year or so, enabling customers to locate any taxis in nearby locations, hail the driver of their choice and then review them once the journey was complete.

Targeting both independent taxi drivers and those associated with firms, passengers using the free app subsequently receive a greater choice of taxi ride, all the way down to the specific driver. The system also allows users to see a more detailed breakdown of services available, including onboard Wifi and whether the taxi is pet-friendly.

It’s not simply passengers who benefit from the system either. With no setup fees or monthly subscriptions, taxi drivers are only charged a small commission on any business received, with no extra charge passed on to customers, which is a blessing in the current climate in light of the additional costs for taxi drivers such as taxi insurance.

What Taxibeat themselves claim differentiates them from other taxi-hailing applications, including Hailo, Gettaxi and MyTaxim, is the addition of the taxi driver marketplace which they believe, enhances the quality of service that taxi drivers in general offer.

Speaking recently, Taxibeat marketing director Alexandra Sigala said, “Our approach is different on the fundamentals; they modernize the traditional radio-taxi service by skipping the tedious phone-call to the operator. We replace that model with a direct passenger-to-driver marketplace. We provide the platform (hailing app, reputation system, etc.) and let market dynamics do the rest. In more ways than one, we are more Airbnb than Hailo.”

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