Nottingham taxi drivers and residents call for limit on licences

Taxi Rank SignTaxi drivers that own Hackney carriages often become frustrated when there are not enough spaces in a certain area for them to pick up fares or stop their vehicles for a short period of time, which can often lead to some parking illegally and therefore receiving fines. This is why both taxi drivers and residents in the town of Gedling, Nottingham have called upon the local council to limit the amount of taxi licences they are issuing, as there are now 707 taxis registered in the area, 474 of which are for Hackney carriages. (more…)

Scottish Councillor wants all taxis to take credit cards

Credit CardsIn major cities throughout the UK such as London and Manchester you will start to find taxis that come equipped with card machines so that their fares can pay by credit or debit card. However, this is generally not the case throughout the whole of the UK, and sometimes this means that customers can be frustrated when they find themselves needing a taxi and being no-where near a cash point. (more…)

Private hire taxis will be allowed to take street hails in Northern Ireland

Taxi in Belfast, Northern IrelandUsually there are extremely strict rules around what fares private hire taxis can take, and generally the rule is that their taxi licence only allows them to take fares from those that have called up and booked with the company privately. Hackney carriages on the other hand are allowed to take street hails, and rely on the fact that there are rules in place that prevent private hire taxis from doing so and therefore stealing their business. (more…)

Arguments over late-night taxi fare hikes in Scotland

Taxi MeterThere have been mixed reviews concerning Glasgow City Council’s plans to increase the baseline fare for late-night taxi drivers from £3 to £4.60 in Scotland, with many taxi drivers arguing that this could cause friction between drivers and their customers. Furthermore, Les McVay who represents over twelve hundred drivers as secretary of the City Cabs firm, has argued that increasing the baseline fare will actually lead to more arguments between drivers and passengers and would also put people in danger who decide to walk home instead of paying the more expensive taxi fare. (more…)

Addison Lee sells firm to US Company

Addison Lee taxiAddison Lee is one of the most well-known taxi firms in London, and since the seventies John Griffin has worked hard to expand the company, and has even enlisted the help of his son Liam who is currently chief executive. However, last week it was announced that the British company had been sold to the American private-equity giant Carlyle for three hundred million pounds, and even though they no longer own the company both father and son will still have a partial stake and will continue to work with the Carlyle group in order to expand the company. (more…)

Nissan unveils design for new London taxi

Nissan LogoIt has been an extremely tough couple of years for the traditional London black hackney carriage, especially as the company that originally manufactured them, Manganese Bronze, declared bankruptcy and then eventually was bought out by the Chinese company Geely. Luckily, Geely has decided to continue production of the iconic car, however in order to secure the tradition of British black cabs more manufacturers are now stepping in with their versions. (more…)