The Changing Face of the Black Cab

Nissan LogoIn 2013 the future of the iconic Hackney Carriage was thrown into doubt due to manufacturer Manganese Bronze going into administration. Luckily, Chinese manufacturer Geely bought the company and continued manufacturing the LTI TX4 among other models at the original Coventry site. However, other companies have also recently been looking to take a share of the black cab market, with Nissan revealing their version to the public just last week. (more…)

The Future of Taxis in Jersey

Image of JerseyThe head of the taxi drivers association has said that new plans to overhaul Jersey’s taxi service “could throw the industry in chaos”.

His comments came after transport minister Deputy Kevin Lewis said that Jersey could soon face a single type of taxi service meaning that current taxi services would have to adapt in the near future. Currently, each firm that is owned individually can be operated differently and have varying fare prices, which is why Mike Tostevin, president of the Taxi Drivers Association, has said that the plans have not been properly thought through. (more…)

Is the Housing Market Growing or Stagnant?


Since the recession many have been wary of keeping their money in banks due to low interest rates and have since been looking to invest elsewhere. This has meant that money has started to be poured into the property market which has caused an increase in demand and therefore an increase in property prices. Not only has there been a huge increase of houses coming onto the market but there has also been an increase in money coming from overseas investors. This is due to the fact that housing in the UK is seen to be a safer investment than in countries such as Spain and Greece. The UK has also been a popular choice with the wealthy in the UAE and also China.

However, one estate agent, Foxtons, have said that there is a low supply of mortgages and as a result this is bringing the growth of the property market to a standstill. There were some concerns during the summer that government schemes such as “Help to Buy” were going to cause a housing bubble and therefore another crash, however Foxtons are stating the complete opposite. They believe that any increase in sales due to these schemes was yet to be seen and that the impact they will have on the property market will appear slowly. (more…)

63 Plate Sales Boom?

Car Keys with Key ChainThe release of the new 63 plate was expected to increase new car sales around the UK. This is because when it came reasonably close to August buyers tend to hold out till the new plate becomes available. Not only this but those who are looking to sell their 13 plate cars will also boost the used car market too. (more…)

East Lindsey Taxi Drivers Taxed

moneyIt is no secret that changing a car frequently can mean a costly pay out on taxi insurance if it is done mid-term, but new legislation in East Lindsey will see taxi drivers also having to pay an administration fee if they change their taxi vehicle mid-licence term. The legislation change is one of multiple changes made by the East Lindsey District Council’s General Licensing Committee. (more…)

Woman gives birth… in the back of a taxi?!

Baby and family road signMost taxi drivers have had their fair share of characters in the back of their cab, but we bet few can rival taxi driver Jeff Morgan’s passengers, which involved one very unexpected visitor, eager to get out even before the vehicle had stopped… (more…)