Nottingham taxi drivers and residents call for limit on licences

Taxi Rank SignTaxi drivers that own Hackney carriages often become frustrated when there are not enough spaces in a certain area for them to pick up fares or stop their vehicles for a short period of time, which can often lead to some parking illegally and therefore receiving fines. This is why both taxi drivers and residents in the town of Gedling, Nottingham have called upon the local council to limit the amount of taxi licences they are issuing, as there are now 707 taxis registered in the area, 474 of which are for Hackney carriages.

Furthermore, there are only 15 spaces for available for taxis to park in the area, which is causing chaos on the roads. One of the most popular areas for taxi drivers to park in Gedling is on Front Street where the local Asda supermarket is based, however as there are so little spaces and so many taxis residents have said they have seen many driving illegally in order to secure a space or a fare. For instance, John Shepherd who lives in the area said: “I have seen two people nearly get knocked down when drivers have been pulling out of the bay, and once I was crossing the road when one of them backed into my trolley.”

“My wife has a disabled badge so we park across the road and see them reversing down the one way road and parking on double yellow lines, which they know is illegal.” Meanwhile, a taxi driver from the area who asked not to be named added: “Almost five hundred drivers simply can’t park in only 15 spaces. You can’t expect them all to just circle around aimlessly – the fuel costs end up outweighing the price of a fare. Surely they could have seen it coming? If you double the supply it doesn’t make a difference to the demand.”

As this taxi driver pointed out, a lack of parking means that taxi drivers can lose a large amount of money as they constantly have to be on the move, which will lead to many struggling to pay their petrol costs along with their taxi insurance. The local council have responded to both residents and drivers’ concerns, with Councillor Marje Paling, saying: “We understand that this area of business is a competitive one, however it is not for us to limit applications. We are always looking at ways to improve the application process, for example, possibly introducing a knowledge test that will require applicants to have a knowledge of the local area in order to work in the borough.”

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