New App Available for Booking Cabs

Black cabA new app called GetTaxi is available for the Blackberry, iPhone and Android which is set to make booking a cab in London easier than any other web based booking service, allowing full transparency to the user to avoid long waiting times and dodgy cabbies.

Most of us have had bad experiences with taxis, whether it’s a driver asking you for directions, drivers taking the long route around or ordering a cab that doesn’t show up! However, GetTaxi is a handy little app that may also be able to beat the competition. The USP of GetTaxi is that customers are able to watch the real time movement of the cab, the app shows a small image of the taxi approaching your geo-located pick up position on an embedded version of Google Maps, which factors in traffic and delays.

You can choose your driver, get an estimated time on the cab, send information to the driver e.g. if you need wheelchair access and you’ll also get a notification once your cabbie arrives.

GetTaxi CEO, Neal Fullman, said “”It really is a consumer focused experience,

“It’s a simple way of ordering a taxi. You’ve got full transparency over the way the cab is being dispatched, which takes out the whole rubbish experience of hanging on the line at a call centre, not knowing where your cab is and when it’s going to arrive or pull up outside.”

So far, over 1,000 London black cab drivers have signed up for GetTaxi. If you come across a cabbie you like you can add them to your favourites and look for them again when you next need a cab journey!

The drivers get a free, touch screen GPS installed in their vehicles so they can get more passengers at no extra cost and to themselves or their black cab insurance. GetTaxi get the money back for the GPS from a small commission from each fare picked up from the app.

Fullman said, “It’s risk free for drivers, that’s why we’re building the fleet so fast”, said Fullman.

“Previously they would have had to spend between 50 and 60 quid a week with a computer cab or radio taxi partnership, subscribing to the network. We only charge them based on the jobs that we get them.”

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