More than Half of Pendle Taxis Fail Safety Tests

traffic conesTaxi drivers have to make sure that their vehicles are not only safe for their own good, but also to make sure that their passengers do not become harmed due to an accident. Many taxi insurance providers will have clauses in their policies that state that if a taxi cannot pass a basic safety test then the insurance will become void, meaning that if there is an accident then the costs of repairs and compensation will have to be paid by the taxi driver themselves.

It comes as a shock then that during spot-checks carried out by Pendle City Council and local police, eleven out of eighteen taxis in the Lancashire based city failed and were subsequently taken off the road. The results, which have been described as “disappointing”, will have a direct effect on the taxi trade in the area, and some council members are now calling for even more checks to ensure the safety of taxi drivers and passengers.

Pendle Council’ taxi licensing manager Jackie Allen said: “A joint spot-check on licensed vehicles was carried out on the evening of Friday December 7, at Norfolk Street Garage with the police and Vehicle Operator Services Agency. Eighteen vehicles were tested in total, with 11 of those being taken off the road. The vehicles which failed the spot check will now revert to a four-month licence and test.”

Pendle City Council currently performs spot-checks once a year on taxis that are less than three years old, and twice a year for taxis that are older. Vehicles that fail the spot-checks due to serious faults tests will then have tests carried out on them three times a year to ensure that the faults have been remedied. The council has said that even though the results of the tests were poor, it is only a small amount of taxi drivers which do not take the safety of their vehicles seriously, and it is these taxi drivers that need to make the most improvements.

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