Million Mile Mark for Lancashire Taxi Driver

Today marks a huge milestone for one taxi driver, Brian Holmes. He is expected to reach the one million mile mark in his 16 year old Ford.

Bernie has been taking people who are going on their holidays to and from Manchester Airport since December 1996. He bought his red Ford Mondeo for £14,000 on December 16th and 16 year on he has completed the journey to and from the airport about 8,330 times.

He starts the journey from his home in Preesall to Manchester airport which usually is around 120 miles which usually takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

When his odometer gets to one million, he would have done enough miles to have gone around the world 40 times.

Mr Holmes said, “When you buy a vehicle you don’t think too much about how long it will last. It’s a bit of a landmark.

“It currently reads 999,694. I’m picking up a couple on their way back from holiday, and I think that should do it.
“I’ve not had many problems with it, just wear and tear. Third gear used to go in the gearbox, so I did get a reconditioned Ford gearbox. I would buy a Ford again because it’s been a reliable car.

“Sadly at the moment, there is just not much work, because a lot of people aren’t going abroad this year, or else I’d have been over that million mark before now.

“When it reaches a million the reading will go to 000,000 and then only I will know!”

Mr Holmes has been driving for 45 years, 22 of which he has been behind the wheel of a taxi. He says it costs him £80 to fill up the tank and of course there are the taxi insurance costs too. He says in all the years of taking others on their holidays he has never driven himself as flying doesn’t interest him.

“I was hoping to retire when I got to a million miles, but I think I will work a bit longer now,” he added. Although when he does retire he is hoping to get a campervan and travel around Scotland.

The product marketing manager for Ford of Britain, Steve Humbles, has said, “Since Mondeo was first launched in 1993, it has proven a popular choice for retail and fleet customers alike, predominantly due to its reliability, fuel economy and smart driver assistance technologies.

“We are delighted to hear the Bernie had enjoyed one million miles of happy motoring in his.”

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