Mercedes-Benz Taxis to Take Over the Hackney Carriage

Mercedes-Benz UK has launched a new taxi which they hope will be an alternative for taxi drivers looking to revamp their current vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is keen to have the Euro 5 Vito Taxi make a strong debut, so they have offered their first 50 customers the option of a £1500 discount price or cash back. In return the customer is required to do some subtle branding for the company, having promotional messages on the back door of the taxi for 18 months. With this extra financial support for the first 50 buyers, getting an affordable taxi insurance quote shouldn’t be too difficult.

This new taxi could reinvent the standard for London cabs and beyond if it turns out to be a success. The Euro 5 Mercedes-Benz Vito Taxi boasts high levels of comfort and a fine interior complete with 6 seats for passengers. It is also fuel efficient with low emissions, providing extra reassurance for drivers and customers alike that they can expect a comfortable, environmentally friendly journey.

On a more technical note, the Vito Taxi has state of the art 4 cylinder CDI engines which meet the Euro 5 emissions standards. Having a three year and 150,000 mile warranty reflects the confidence Mercedes-Benz has in this taxi. However, they are still willing to offer a 24hour free roadside service for 3 years and up to 24,000 miles service intervals, which can reduce whole life costs.

Commenting on this new transport vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Van Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Bridge said “We are still pioneering and leading the way in terms of comfort and efficiency for both driver and customer with the new Euro 5 Vito Taxi. We are delighted to be offering the special London initiative programme and look forward to welcoming more drivers to become part of Mercedes-Benz public transport story.”

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