London Cabbie Turning his Black Cab into Accommodation

black cab Whilst many people in London are renting their homes out to London 2012 visitors, one cab driver, David Weekes has turned his cab into a hotel for one guest, which will be available for £50 a night through the home rental website

The cab will have everything you need for an overnight stay, including a memory foam mattress, pillow and duvet which will be covered with an official London Olympic bed spread and pillow case. It will also have curtains, a bedside lamp and a Paddington Bear teddy.

Guests will also have a radio, iPad and a solar-powered fridge, whilst a portable table and camping chair are available if requested.

A spokesperson said that if you are interested, you will have to be flexible in order to fit around Weeke’s daily work schedule.

The guest will have the taxi in the evenings but will need to ‘check out’ in the morning so the cabbie can start work again for the day.

The guests can either stay in the taxi over night outside Weeke’s house in north London or somewhere in the capital which would be legally-permissible.

Finding a toilet or bathroom would definitely be an issue, although Weekes has agreed that guests who stay outside his home can use his facilities.

He said that the reasons behind the idea was because of the predicted drop in revenue during the London Olympic Games as taxi drivers aren’t allowed to use the special Olympic Games Lanes which could lead to fewer fares and slower journeys, and the rise of running costs like fuel and UK taxi insurance doesn’t help.

He said, “I’m really excited that the Olympics are coming to the city but it’s going to be a nightmare for cab drivers,

“When I heard that I could rent out my taxi, I thought it was a no-brainer.”

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