Glasgow’s Fourth Emergency Services are Glasgow’s Taxis

GlasgowThe vice-chairperson of the largest UK taxi firm outside London, Stephen Flynn says, “Glasgow Taxis are basically the city’s fourth emergency service.”

It’s a big claim but with decades in the trade, he goes about arguing his point.

The offices of Glasgow Taxis are based near the 2014 Games site and may not look like a fire station or an ambulance depot from the outside, but walk into the call centre you could think that it was actually a 999 office.

This office is where their dozens of staff take thousands of calls a day and even though they won’t be from people needing medical help or reporting a fire, not having transport in the city centre can be a personal emergency.

When it comes to more serious events, whether it’s a assault in progress or traffic accident, Glasgow taxi drivers act as a 900 strong intelligence system for the emergency services.

Secretary Robert Dunabie said, “For the police it’s like having 900 extra eyes and ears on the road.

“If any of our guys spot any trouble they’re on the blower to us and we liaise with Strathclyde Police and the city’s CCTV centre to get things calmed down.

“Even if it’s just someone we see who’s too drunk to look after themselves we call it in and CCTV will monitor them until police arrive.”

From time to time, however, cab driver’s actions stop far more than just a night spent on the pavement.

New software used to record in real time the specific route of any journey taken by cabbies, used mainly to ensure that drivers take the most efficient route, can also be utilised by police to help locate criminals and witnessed by revealing all taxis who operated near a precise location at a certain time.

The cabbies wanting to help society is supported by a wide range of people including UK Taxi insurance providers, the general public and passengers.

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