Ghost Hitchhiker confuses Taxi Drivers

So we are a little late when it comes to spooky stories as Halloween has been and gone but we felt this was a story that just had to be shared.
According to a taxi driver, he had picked his passenger up from Corbridge and was on his way to Newcastle – upon –Tyne. He says the weather was ok and the sky was clear although it was dark. He said after a few minutes of driving he ended up on a road that had, bushes, trees and shrubbery either side.

In the distance he said he could see some localised mist. “It was odd; it was about 5ft or 6ft in height and just hung there. I’d never seen anything like it,” he said.

He continued driving towards it but he said as he approached the mist changed into a rough human shape. His instincts kicked in and he swerved to avoid it then carried on speeding forwards. His passenger had also seen the strange transformation.

It has also been reported that the same thing had happened previously to another driver in the same spot, although he was not as lucky and ended up in a ditch. Mist can be a dangerous weather condition causing many problems for taxi drivers. This is why making sure your private hire insuranceis valid and up to date.

There have also been reports of a phantom hitchhiker a bit further up the road. It has been reported to be a woman dressed in a raincoat standing as if she was waiting for someone. There was a driver who offered her a lift but as he pulled up, she disappeared.

There have been many stories like this reported by taxi drivers. This could be due to the fact that they work long hours and will often see many things within one night.

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