Fraudsters tricked taxi drivers with fake insurance

handcuffsTwo men from Newcastle have recently been jailed due to an elaborate scam where they not only claimed money from taxi insurance companies for accidents and costs which never existed, but also provided fake taxi insurance policies to unsuspecting drivers. Amjed Iqbal and Shakir Javid ran an accident management firm in the West End of Newcastle which ultimately made more than one million pounds through insurance and mortgage scams.

Both Iqbal and Javid owned several licenced taxis which they provided to their customers when theirs were involved in accidents and consequentially off the road. The pair also ran Accident and Claims Specialists (ACS) on West Road in Newcastle, and Iqbal also had a lease on a garage workshop based in Conhope Lane in Newcastle where he took customers’ damaged vehicles to be fixed.

Prosecutor Michael Graham said: “ACS would manage claims, supply hire cars and recover, store and repair accident damaged cars – all the facilities required to handle motor accident claims to their maximum financial advantage. Because Iqbal and Javid had access to plated taxis, ACS very much targeted the taxi trade for their business. Fraudulent claims were made to insurance companies for charges arising from road traffic accidents – charges for the recovery and storage of vehicles, and the hire replacement vehicles.”

“In some claims, there is evidence that no accident took place at all, in other claims sums have been claimed for recovery, storage or hire when this did not take place or otherwise, figures have been inflated.” Iqbal was sentenced to jail for two years and three months, while Javid got three years for the thirty four fake claims made to insurance companies between 2006 and 2009, conning them out of £194,000, as well as their other crimes.

The court also heard how Iqbal and Javid had a bitter relationship after an argument between the two in 2008, which led to Javid and his wife running ACS from a new office on West Road whilst Iqbal stayed in the old premises on the same road. They also heard how after the argument Iqbal was shot in the leg by two masked hit men whilst he was in his bungalow on Middle Drive, one of the wealthiest roads in the city.

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