Fare Increase for Yellow Cabs

If you are thinking about heading to New York this Christmas and take a ride in the famous yellow taxi, be sure to take some extra cash with you. From September the fares will be 17 per cent more expensive as officials approved the increase yesterday.

The report that contains the changes says that the base rate won’t change, which is currently the equivalent of £1.60 but the millage charge will increase. This means if you are hoping to go from Kennedy airport to Manhattan it will now cost £34 compared to the current price of £29.

The last increase in yellow cab fares was in 2005 and has once again been approved by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).

TLC is arguing though that the fares in New York will still be less than those in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. They also believe that London and Tokyo are still at the top of the list for most expensive taxi fares.

David Yassky is the commission chairman and he has said, “It is time for a raise and I think the public understands that.”

“The public is prepared to pay more for taxi drivers to make a living.”

There has also been an announcement that there will be a six cent increase on all taxi fares in order to provide drivers with health care. These additional fees will also mean that drivers won’t struggle to pay for things such as fuel and taxi and limousine insurance.

In London with the high train fares it is often costs just the same as taking a taxi especially if you are travelling with others. This is also a much more comfortable way of travelling around town.

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