Extra Criminal Record Checks for Drivers in Leeds

There are new plans from the city council in Leeds which will mean that taxi and private hire drivers will have to have criminal record checks every three years.

At the moment CRB checks are carried out on all drivers when they apply for a private hire or taxi license but there aren’t any rules that state that there should be more CRB checks done through the working lifetime of a driver.
There was an internal audit of the council’s taxi and private hire sector and this is when the issue was raised about CRB checks happening more frequently. The audit said, “To comply with current best practice guidance, the section should require CRB disclosures to be renewed every three years, in addition to the requirement for new applicants.”

There was a report that was send to the committee which said, “The introduction of a three-yearly CRB vetting procedure in line with the best practice guidance would contribute to a risk reduction in respect of public safety.

“There are strong reasons for the introduction of such a policy as indicated by the DfT and the council could be at risk if the guidance is not followed.”

The proposals have to be considered for the next three months and another report will be produced in October for the committee to make a decision on.

These more frequent checks if they go ahead will cost taxi and private hire drivers £64 every time they are carried out. This is yet another cost that will have to be considered along with fuel prices and taxi insurance.

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