Electrical Equipment Stolen from Taxi Driver’s Car

A cab driver from Bournemouth discovered that £400 worth of electrical equipment had been stolen from his vehicle.

Thieves broke into his car whilst it was parked on his driveway overnight and stole the driver’s £100 sat nav and a personal digital assistant (PDA) worth £300.
The victim, Ashley Miller, said “They managed to force the driver’s window down,

“It must’ve been done very quietly because I’ve got a Staffordshire bull terrier that barks at anything.”

Ashley’s vehicle seats 7 people and is an owner-driver who rents out his taxi. He is also the chairman of the Bournemouth Station Taxi Association.

Another taxi driver had been using his vehicle the night before the theft, that occurred in Springbourne outside Ashley’s home.

The PDA device is used to receive jobs from taxi firms and is worthless to anybody else, especially after the SIM card has now been cancelled. Ashley is paying to have that replaced and is spending £150 on a new satellite navigation system.

Ashley said, “The PDA is worth nothing to anybody else and the SIM card has been cancelled.

“But I’ve got to part with £300 for a new one and I’m waiting to hear about the taxi insurance.

“When I saw the break-in I felt like just selling the taxi and going on the dole like all those that go around stealing things.”

He added, “I’ve lived here for 25 years and it’s gone downhill in the last five years.”

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