Electric Taxis now available in London

Renault Fluence ModelThe first zero emission taxi has been rolled out in London this week.

London cab hire firm, Climatecars has introduced the two Renault Fluence Z.Es, which are the first electric Fluence cars to reach the UK, before its release this Autumn.

Climatecars’ founder and managing director Nicko Williamson believes that the EVs’ arrival is a huge breakthrough as before this, Climatecars could only offer hybrid vehicles or low carbon vehicles as part of its service.

Williamson said, “The addition of the fully electric Renault Fluence to Climatecars fleet marks a crucial step towards our aim of being the world’s first zero emission car service.”

He carried on to say,“We are really excited to have partnered with Renault and are looking forward to offering a 100% electric car service to our customers.”

Passengers will be able to hire the electric taxis at the same rate as the hybrid models and will be strictly based in Central London as the number of charge points provided by Mayor Boris Johnson’s Source London network will increase and so will the availability of more private hire insurance policies.

On a full charge, these electric vehicles can drive around 115 miles and offer comfort and luxury, as well as help London towards cleaner air.

Climate Minister, Greg Barker said, “It’s great Climatecars is doing its bit to make London a greener place by offering a great alternative to the humble black cab,

“Cutting carbon emissions is vital to limit global temperature rises to tackle climate change.”

MD of Renault UK, Thierry Sybord, also believes that electric vehicles will be active in lowering London’s carbon output.

Sybord said, “Fluence Z.E. will be the perfect way to be transported around the urban and suburban sprawl of the nation’s capital in refined and reliable zero-emission style.

“I hope both Climatecars and their clients enjoy their electric experience.

“Renault is the only company to be offering a full range of electric vehicles. We’re charging ahead with the launch of the first Z.E. models and have great ambitions for them.”

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