Electric Fleet of Taxis In London

Greentomatocars have reached an agreement the BDY who are a Chinese manufacturer that means they will be allowed to use 5 electric cars on a trial basis within London.

They have said they will provide “London’s first fleet of all-electric minicabs.”

The cars will be available for use in time for the second quarter of 2013 which means their current fleet of low emission minicabs will increase in size from the already substantial amount of 300 vehicles.

Boris Johnson the London Mayor has said that he is very happy with this announcement as his target is to have all the taxi’s operating in the city to have zero emissions by 2020. He said, “Every year London’s fleet is getting cleaner, making our city an even more attractive place to live, work and visit. Encouraging many more electric vehicles is a key part of this transformation, so it is great news that Greentomatocars has committed to operating 50 of these super clean machines from next year.”

This is great for the environment and it means their taxi insurance quotes might not be so high as their vehicles are eco-friendly.

The cars they will be operating are five seater e6 taxi’s that can reach a top speed of 87 miles per hour and can do up to 186 miles before the next time it needs to be charged.

The managing director at Greentomatocars is Johnny Goldstone and he has said, “As a car, we see strong parallels between the e6 of today and the then-unfashionable Toyota Prius of 2006. It’s exciting to think that, even as a five car start up, we played a major role in making the Prius popular; given the scale, experience and high-tech infrastructure we now have at our disposal we’d love to ‘do a Prius’ with the e6, and help propel electric vehicles into the automotive mainstream – where they deserve and, for all our sake, need to be.”

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