Debate about Taxi Fares Increasing on the Isle of Wight

A debate by councillors is due next week regarding the increase of cab fares on the Isle of Wight. But in order to keep them affordable for visitors and residents, it has been recommended that fares stay the same.

A group of taxi drivers have however, handed a petition to the Isle of Wight Council arguing that the method for calculating fares are unfair and incorrect.

Currently, the fares of how much taxi drivers can charge are calculated by the Isle of Wight Council by figures given from the AA.

At the moment, a 5 mile journey on the Isle of Wight costs £10.20 during the daytime. The lowest in the UK is Bolsover at £5.80 and the highest is Kerrier at £15.49. The national average is currently £10.67.

Because of this, the Isle of Wight Council is recommending that fares stay the same and that officers keep on using the AA figures to calculate the amount cab drivers can charge their passengers.

However, cabbies fight that the figures used by the AA only relate to private motorists, not taxi drivers and are not appropriate.

A taxi driver explained to the Isle of Wight Radio that, “The average cost per litre of fuel on the Island the other day was 138.9p for petrol and 142p for diesel. These prices are more than the average prices supplied by the AA.”

“Also the average figures provided for repair, taxi insurance and servicing costs supplied by the AA are for a new vehicle. They don’t take into account that there should be an additional amount added to cover the costs of older cars and high mileage vehicles.”

March 2010 was the last time the fares were increased on the Isle of Wight.

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