Cut Resistant Clothing for Cab Drivers

In our previous news posts, QuoteSearcher reported how taxi and private hire drivers have been victims of knife crime.

Following the increase of the number of brutal knife attacks on cab drivers in the UK, PPSS Group, a UK based manufacturer of certified stab vests and bullet proof vests, has now launched cut resistant clothing to help protect drivers when out on their job.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, says “We believe that our high performance cut resistant clothing will help protect taxi drivers, who often work alone at night, dealing with potentially hostile and intoxicated members of the public.”

Kaiser is a worldwide respected expert in body armour and is recognised for his passion for personal safety and protection.

Taxi drivers and private hire drivers can choose from comfortable, smart looking and slash resistant windbreakers, sleeves, gloves and sweatshirts, to help keep them protected from knife attacks.

Kaiser explains, “A knife attack, which sees the radial artery, the carotid artery or the axillary artery being cut or slashed will under normal circumstances lead to a rapid blood loss and can subsequently lead to death,”

He adds, “We strongly believe knife and slash resistant clothing, shielding these four main arteries, should be available to all taxi drivers who frequently have o face racial harassment, aggressive complains about the fare and serious drunken disorders.”

The protective clothing is made out of the world’s market leading cut resistant fabric, Cut-Tex PRO, offering Blade Cut Resistance Level 5, which is the highest possible level. Conveniently, the garments are also machine washable.

It’s not just good private hire taxi insurance that drivers need to think about getting nowadays, as they need to look out for themselves, as well as their vehicles. With the increase of knife violence in the UK, the safety of cab drivers is paramount, as no one knows when someone violent will step into their cab and their job can take them to some places of great danger.

The groundbreaking fabric hopes to make driving safer, and is now also being used to manufacture cut resistant clothing for emergency services, police, military, private security professions, prisons as well as metal pressing and glass handling industries worldwide.

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