Could the Pedalbus Rival Black Cabs in London?

A new method of transport called the pedalbus has hit London, which could rival black cabs, rickshaws and bikes in the city. It’s the new sociable and fun way to get around London.

The pedalbus has a driver steering the vehicle while the passengers push the pedals to power it. The pedalbus is an open aluminium structure which holds between seven to twelve bike seats with pedals and is made from a platform of four tyres. Additionally, the seats are laid out around a table/bar and have beer and wine poured for them as they travel. For some people, it might sound similar to a party bus!

Luke Roberson, who invented the pedalbus said, “I was inspired by the multi-person bicycle, but I wanted to make one that was sturdier and better suited to parties and events”.

At the moment, corporate clients have hired a pedalbus to encourage team building. Roberson says, “We have had bookings from Deutsche Bank and a lot of PR firms”.

Somehow, the pedalbus is 100% legal and covered with private hire insurance to travel around the main roads in London. There are currently four in fleet and the pedalbus has a 100% safety record. As the pedalling can get tiring, passengers will not feel out of control in the vehicle. The driver also lets cars, cabs and buses overtake the pedalbus as well as instructing passengers when to start or stop pedalling. Therefore, passengers can relax about their safety and enjoy the music, with a drink in their hands.

There are mixed reactions in London about the pedalbus. Most people enjoy the novelty factor and give the passengers a wave. However, some drivers have already got annoyed with the new vehicle. A cab driver beeped his horn and shouted to one of the pedalbus groups to “get out of the way”, which shows that the pedalbus hasn’t won over all Londoners just yet.

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