Contents and personal possessions insurance for students.

For many students the idea of moving away from the family home and finally cutting the apron strings and standing on your own two feet to study is an exciting prospect. But with this comes a new form of responsibility.

Ensuring that your personal belongings are adequately insured may not be the first thing that springs to mind when embarking on such an adventure – but it is an important thing to consider.

Students insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects your belongings whilst studying away from the family home, either on or off campus. Don’t be fooled to think that whilst living in student halls the University will have a policy to cover your stuff – it won’t – You’ll need to do this yourself!

Insuring your belongings will protect you against theft and accidental damage to your property whilst in student accommodation and will even provide cover if you’re away from the residence in between terms.

–  Make sure you know what is covered
–  Ensure you have the right policy that covers

i) All your electronic games and or gaming equipment
ii) Jewellery
iii) Personal Documents
iv) Money
v) Laptops / PC
vi) Mobile phones

Students living in student accommodation are prime targets for thieves. Thieves know that the majority of goods owned by students are often portable and transportable – ideal for thieves SWAG bags.

Society’s younger generation are nowadays bejewelled with a host of valuable equipment,  such as laptops,  mobile phones,  MP3.

Most policies will also cover you for theft of cash from your premises – Policies will have a maximum cash value you can claim for.

Policies cover loss of personal documents – Passports and drivers licences can be costly to replace if stolen, most policies will cover the cost of replacing these items.

Students can find an insurance policy that will cover them from all the above with QuoteSearcher simply by visiting the following page.