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Taxi Crackdown Catches out Drivers

Recently there were safety checks carried out on taxis in Rossendale and half were found to have faults that were dangerous. As a result of the faults, the drivers were given suspended or delayed prohibition notices. These were issued by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and the checks were carried out by police and […]

Black Cab Company Reports £4 million Loss

Manganese Bronze are the makers of the iconic black cabs we have in London and on Tuesday they reported that they have made close to a £4 million loss and are warning that there will be more. They own London Taxi International and they saw their shares decrease by 34 per cent, however they expected […]

SMS Software to Work Alongside Taxi Drivers

Amber Cars are a taxi services but they released software last year which is location based advertising. It is called MobiTexi. Amber cars have said that this is the first software of its kind and it is proving to be very popular. The managing director of Amber Cars, Andrew Pennock, created the software with the […]

CCTV and Voice Recordings in Taxis

The information watchdog has said that Southampton City Council has to stop recording the conversations that are had between drivers and passengers in taxis. Christopher Graham is the Information Commissioner and he has said the Council had, “gone too far” to ensuring people’s safety. He went on to add that people would expect a higher […]