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What can we expect for Taxis in 2015?

In 2014 there was a huge change in the taxi industry with Uber bringing their taxi App to London, rustling a number of taxi drivers’ feathers. We also saw other taxi Apps being launched including Hailo and GetTaxi, with some claiming that these Apps could potentially change the landscape of the UK taxi industry by […]

The Changing Face of the Black Cab

In 2013 the future of the iconic Hackney Carriage was thrown into doubt due to manufacturer Manganese Bronze going into administration. Luckily, Chinese manufacturer Geely bought the company and continued manufacturing the LTI TX4 among other models at the original Coventry site. However, other companies have also recently been looking to take a share of […]

East Lindsey Taxi Drivers Taxed

It is no secret that changing a car frequently can mean a costly pay out on taxi insurance if it is done mid-term, but new legislation in East Lindsey will see taxi drivers also having to pay an administration fee if they change their taxi vehicle mid-licence term. The legislation change is one of multiple […]

Woman gives birth… in the back of a taxi?!

Most taxi drivers have had their fair share of characters in the back of their cab, but we bet few can rival taxi driver Jeff Morgan’s passengers, which involved one very unexpected visitor, eager to get out even before the vehicle had stopped…

Thieves target taxis in Swanley and Hextable

Thieves have been targeting taxis in recent attacks around the Swanley and Hextable area in Kent, according to reports, and taxi drivers have been urged to keep their valuables more secure. The attacks took place overnight on May 30th when the taxis were left unattended, between the hours of 1am and 9am.

Britain’s Best Cabbie Revealed

Earlier in the week results from the ‘Cabbie of the Year’ competition were revealed at the monthly PHTM event in Manchester, and taxi drivers were nominated for much more than just their taxi driving. The award endeavours to recognise cabbies for their dedication and commitment to the profession.