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Extra Criminal Record Checks for Drivers in Leeds

There are new plans from the city council in Leeds which will mean that taxi and private hire drivers will have to have criminal record checks every three years. At the moment CRB checks are carried out on all drivers when they apply for a private hire or taxi license but there aren’t any rules […]

Taxi Fare Increase in Cambridge

Taxi fares in Cambridge will be increasing by 20p from August 15th of this year. This is due to the ever increasing running costs of the vehicles. As we have all seen fuel prices have become cheaper over the last few weeks but taxi drivers are still out of pocket from all the years of […]

Taxi Drivers vs. Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow has claimed that London taxi drivers don’t like him after him organising the concert for the Diamond Jubilee.This is because his concert caused a lot of traffic congestion and a lot of delays around Buckingham Palace. Gary Barlow was sitting in traffic and had asked his taxi driver if there was another way […]

Mayor of London Could Ban Taxis Older than 10 Years

Many people travelling into London everyday will know about the poor air quality they are met with on a daily bases. Now, three councils in central London are hoping that the Mayor of London will ban the use of taxis in the city that are over 10 years old. This should then reduce pollution improve […]

Million Mile Mark for Lancashire Taxi Driver

Today marks a huge milestone for one taxi driver, Brian Holmes. He is expected to reach the one million mile mark in his 16 year old Ford. Bernie has been taking people who are going on their holidays to and from Manchester Airport since December 1996. He bought his red Ford Mondeo for £14,000 on […]

Smallest Mobile Street Party

Last week we told you about Liverpool taxi driver Bernie Buxton who turned his cab into a Jubilee photo booth. Well it looks like he wasn’t the only one to celebrate in his taxi. Colin Sinclaire is a taxi driver in Harrow and is locally known as Colin The Cabbie. He, just like Bernie, decorated […]