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Amsterdam to receive electric scooter taxis

Plans have been unveiled to set up an electric scooter taxi system in Amsterdam by Ruben Beugels, a Dutch businessman. The nature of Amsterdam’s layout with canals and ancient streets, have meant that many of Amsterdam’s residents prefer to use bicycles to get from A to B. Amsterdam has a pretty reliable public transport system […]

Taxi drivers fully behind phone app integration

Set to become the next innovation in taxi driving in the coming years is the integration of the smartphone. Hailo, Toronto’s newest cab company, uses a smartphone application to connect drivers with passengers rather than the standard centralized dispatch centre. Local taxi driver Rotimi Odunaiya is one of the first to start using the system […]

Taxi of Tomorrow Could be Stuck in the Past

Today in New York the Taxi and Limousine Commission will be voting on whether the “taxi of tomorrow” will be launched. The plans are that these taxis will replace nearly all the current taxi’s that exist in New York with this one model. They are planning on having them around for the next 10 years […]

Electrical Equipment Stolen from Taxi Driver’s Car

A cab driver from Bournemouth discovered that £400 worth of electrical equipment had been stolen from his vehicle. Thieves broke into his car whilst it was parked on his driveway overnight and stole the driver’s £100 sat nav and a personal digital assistant (PDA) worth £300. The victim, Ashley Miller, said “They managed to force […]

Tendring Taxi Redesign

Plans to get taxis in the Tendring area to have the same design, has been halted. This is because the taxi drivers the change is expected for are opposing the idea. They feel this will add more of a financial burden onto them, which will mean making a living will become even harder. The idea […]

Eight per cent hike in taxi fares

Taxi fares in Stafford will increase by eight per cent within weeks under plans to offset drivers’ spiralling fuel and insurance bills. The change will cost passengers up to 20p extra every mile. Under the scheme, after a taxi has travelled one mile, the fee will jump by 10p to £1.40 per mile. Fares will […]