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Debate about Taxi Fares Increasing on the Isle of Wight

A debate by councillors is due next week regarding the increase of cab fares on the Isle of Wight. But in order to keep them affordable for visitors and residents, it has been recommended that fares stay the same. A group of taxi drivers have however, handed a petition to the Isle of Wight Council […]

Geely to Launch in the UK

Geely, Chinese car manufacturer, also known for its ownership of Volvo – will launch in the UK in 2012. Manganese Bronze Holdings has made a deal with Geely International Corporation, to allow them to be its distributor in the UK market. Parent company of Volvo, Geely International Corporation, has made a deal with Manganese Bronze […]

Hailing a Taxi for a Stranger May Be Illegal

According to a police report, Juan Banniser asked a stranger in Manhatten if he could flag down a taxi for him. The stranger said yes. Bannister flagged down a cab, placed the stranger’s luggage in the trunk and received a tip of $1.50. Shortly after, he was arrested and charged, improbably, with the unlawful hailing […]

Taxi Driver in Bristol behind Bars for Running down Passenger Over an £8 Fare

Muhammed Javed, taxi driver from Bristol, has been jailed for 6 months after he had run over a male passenger over in an argument over an £8 cab fare, which was proven in CCTV footage. The passenger, Huw Lloyd suffered with head injuries and a fractured hand after Javed drove into him, carried him on […]

Cut Resistant Clothing for Cab Drivers

In our previous news posts, QuoteSearcher reported how taxi and private hire drivers have been victims of knife crime. Following the increase of the number of brutal knife attacks on cab drivers in the UK, PPSS Group, a UK based manufacturer of certified stab vests and bullet proof vests, has now launched cut resistant clothing […]

Taxi Crime Must be Stopped

Another taxi driver has been the victim of crime this past week. This incident happened in Edinburgh on Sunday. Two thieves held a taxi driver at knifepoint before robbing him, and stealing his car. The police have announced that they are after the thugs and have released descriptions of the two men. The driver, a […]