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Taxi Drivers in Dubai sent Back to Driving School

Taxi drivers in Dubai are being sent back to driving school to improve customer service and driving standards. The taxi drivers will be put through a 240 hour training course and could lose their jobs at the end of it, if they haven’t improved. The strategy comes after thousands of complaints were made to the […]

Tyres Slashed by Vandals in Bournemouth

Over the Christmas weekend, taxi drivers have been left with their car’s tyres slashed by vandals. It has been estimated that around 30 vehicles in total, from different taxi companies in Bournemouth, had their tyres slashed around the Charminster area overnight over the busy Christmas weekend. Marketing manager at United Taxis, said “Certainly ourselves and […]

Claypath Residents and Taxi Drivers Angry with Outsiders

Civic bosses have been accused of creating “a monster” by allowing outside cabbies to trade in historic city, say taxi drivers. From 1st September 2011, Durham County Council deregulated the taxi trade, which allowed unlimited numbers of cabbies to operate in the city centre, despite the warning from cabbies’ leaders that it would result in […]

Complaint of Locked Passengers in Taxi Investigated

There has been a complaint that two young women were locked in a taxi by the driver, which police are investigating. The supposed incident happened on Monday night around 4am, when two friends were driven from Wrexham to the Ceiriog Valley. The women claim that they were forced to pay or be driven back to […]

Londoners can Enjoy Free Cab Rides today from 118 118

As part of a Christmas Campaign, 118 118 directory enquiry service, are giving out free cab rides in London today in a fleet of branded black cabs. Ten branded taxis will be driving around zones 1 and 2 this evening between 6pm and 12am, picking up lucky passengers who manage to flag them down. 188 […]

Learning the Knowledge Affects Cab Driver’s Brain Structure

The Knowledge is a memorised map of London, that all black cab drivers in central London has to have, which includes thousands of landmarks, some 25,000 streets and also all the theatres and the order of them on Shaftesbury Avenue. The Knowledge of London Examination System, which often takes 12 attempts to pass, is a […]