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New Year’s Eve Restaurants in London

Are you struggling to think of ideas for what to do on New Year’s Eve this year? If you don’t want anything too wild but fancy a great selection of foods then look no further than these six restaurants that are highly recommended for New Year’s Eve!

UK Restaurant Industry seeing an Influx of Funding

Restaurants across the country have struggled over the past few years as people tried to save money by sacrificing eating out. However, now that the UK is out of the recession more and more people are spending money in a variety of restaurants, and the industry in turn is seeing an influx of funding. In […]

Could restaurant tipping become a thing of the past?

Tipping at restaurants is such a controversial subject that there has even been entire film scenes dedicated to it, most famously in Reservoir Dogs. People tend to have extremely strong views when it comes to tipping, as for some it’s completely justified, while for others it is an added cost to a meal for something […]