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Landlords Banned from Letting Draughty Homes

As of 2018 landlords will be unable to rent out homes in England and Wales that have draughts in a bid to cut carbon emissions and energy bills. Around a million tenants will benefit from these new regulations, many of whom are currently paying £1000 more than the average annual utility bill of £1,265 due […]

Immigration Bill goes live for Landlords in the West Midlands

As of the 1st of December landlords in the West Midlands will be required to check the immigration status of potential occupants under the proposed Immigration Act. Even though the scheme will only initially be trialled in the West Midlands if approved it could be implemented nationally. Under the Act if landlords fail to stick […]

Property Market Update

As we all know, the property market is constantly changing and therefore can be hard to keep up with. Recently, new statistics have been revealed that claim the average property in the UK is now worth £265,000, a 10.2% increase year on year. In June 2014 house prices reached a new high and experts said […]

Landlords criticised over rising eviction numbers

The private rental sector has been increasingly relied upon over the past few years as a large proportion of the population has not been able to afford to purchase their own homes. This has led to a number of housing charities and tenant support groups claiming that some private landlords are taking advantage of the […]

Is now a good time to invest in Buy-to-Let Mortgages?

Since the beginning of 2014 there have been hundreds if not thousands of new stories discussing the current state of the UK’s property market. Much of this discussion has been caused by the fact that the UK economy is slowly recovering from the recession, and as such more and more people have been investing in […]

Landlords Facing Flood Insurance Issues

Over the past few months it has been impossible to open a newspaper or watch a news programme without hearing how widespread flooding throughout the UK has destroyed thousands of properties and caused millions of pounds worth of damage. Now, to make matters worse, home and landlord insurance providers are claiming they may no longer […]