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Taxi Thrill for DJ Chris Evans

This past week has seen Top Gear’s secret, and ruthlessly quick, racing driver, The Stig, get behind the wheel of a black London cab, except it was a black London cab with a difference. The Top Gear man of mystery was driving a high performance version of a London cab that was fitted with a […]

Could the Pedalbus Rival Black Cabs in London?

A new method of transport called the pedalbus has hit London, which could rival black cabs, rickshaws and bikes in the city. It’s the new sociable and fun way to get around London. The pedalbus has a driver steering the vehicle while the passengers push the pedals to power it. The pedalbus is an open […]

Thank you for BST

Woohoo….It has seemed like a long time coming, but eventually British Summer Time (BST) is upon us. I don’t know about you, but it seems like we’ve just had the longest, darkest, coldest winter ever. I felt I was being starved of sunshine and my eyes only able to see, grey, blacks and whites!! Not […]