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63 Plate Sales Boom?

The release of the new 63 plate was expected to increase new car sales around the UK. This is because when it came reasonably close to August buyers tend to hold out till the new plate becomes available. Not only this but those who are looking to sell their 13 plate cars will also boost […]

Inquest hears that Taxi Driver who was Killed in a Crash had Taken Drugs

An inquest was told that Farook Ali Mosoddar, a taxi driver from Poole was killed in a car crash on the A35 had taken cocaine, was speeding and was not wearing a seatbelt. An inquest in Dorchester was told that the father of four who worked for United Taxis in Bournemouth was almost killed instantly […]

Vodafone team up with London’s Black Cabs to offer free Mobile Charging

As part of a £10 million advertising campaign, over 500 black taxis in London have been installed with phone chargers by Vodafone. The campaign is to plug the major improvements that the company has made to its mobile coverage in London. The Chief Executive of Vodafone UK, Guy Laurence explained that Vodafone had made “hundreds […]

Taxi’s of Tomorrow

Have you been tempted to invest in a new taxi recently? It might not be a bad time to consider upgrading, as new alternatives to the traditional cab are now being mooted.  The Taxi and Limousine Commissions (TLC) have just recently revealed their idea of brand new an electronic taxi called the UniCab. These electric […]

Contents and personal possessions insurance for students.

For many students the idea of moving away from the family home and finally cutting the apron strings and standing on your own two feet to study is an exciting prospect. But with this comes a new form of responsibility. Ensuring that your personal belongings are adequately insured may not be the first thing that […]

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide!

I don’t think there is an industry that hasn’t been affected by the credit crunch – And that includes insurance. Most people think that insurance is pretty much recession proof, as lets face it – its just one of those things the majority of people daren’t be without. But even insurance companies are feeling the […]