Cabbie spends his tip on a winning EuroMillions ticket

A taxi driver from Cardiff became a millionaire from the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle, after buying 3 tickets with the cash he was handed as a tip.

The father-of-five, Adam Derbi, spent £6 he was given by a passenger on tickets for last week’s EuroMillions draw.

He plans to move out of his rented terraced home, into a larger property in the city with his wife, four daughters and son.

The cabbie is undecided whether he wants to give up his taxi driving days. He said “You never know I might get another great tip”.

Derbi was lucky enough to win twice on Friday’s draw. The second win got him an extra £5.10 to play with. He said “I don’t know who the customer was, but I can’t thank him enough”.

Derbi works at least five times a week for a taxi firm in the city, Capital Cabs, driving a six seater to support his family, whose kids are aged between 2 and 13.

He explains that it’s not only the future that he has to think about, with the expense of bringing up his children and university fees, it will also make their lives easier now, because the cost of living is high with the rising price of food, car and taxi insurance and the increase of fuel prices.

He said “We will be looking after our money, to give security and a decent start in life for our children” and he also suggested that he’ll be making plans to save for the kids to have deposits for houses when they are old enough.

Derbi said nowadays he doesn’t get many good tips, if any, because everyone is finding money tight. However, after his £6 tip, he decided to buy three lines in the EuroMillions draw just for fun.

He explained “I spotted the fiver first but then I realised it was a million pound as well. I couldn’t stop shaking. My wife didn’t believe me at first”.

Last Friday, also saw someone in the UK scooping up the £161 million EuroMillions jackpot, Europe’s biggest ever lottery prize.

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