Cab ride to the British Coast

A new taxi firm, Cross Street Radio Cars, gave a group of disabled adults a day to remember by taking them to a trip to Weston-Super-Mare.

The group, aged from 18 up to 80 years old, who are supported by a nationwide provider of services for people with diverse and often complex needs, Lifeways, were taken to the seaside for the day which was funded by the taxi company.

Mark Bicknell, one of the taxi drivers, whose sister Emma is supported by Lifeways, said he was eager to give the adults a break.

Bicknell said “We just wanted to give them all a day out, it’s a change of scenery, a new experience and it is quite stimulating in a lot of ways, and I know my sister has been really looking forward to it.”

One mini-bus, a fleet of nine cars and a bus were covered by private hire taxi insurance which were all donated by Swindon Car and Van Hire, took the group of 65 service users and their carers to the seaside, where they spent their day trip playing football on the beach, saw the recently transformed pier, visited the Ferris Wheel and saw the sand sculptures.

Caroline Brzezinski, service manager of Lifeways, said she was delighted to be approached by the taxi firm.

Brzezinski said, “Weston-Super-Mare will be a great day out, it is accessible for people with disabilities, it’s nice and flat for those in wheelchairs and they have been brilliant because they have given us lots of concessions.

“Everyone has been really excited about it,” She added.

Owner of Cross Street Radio Cars, Sat Nijjar, said drivers at his firm were more than willing to help out and give up their free time.

Nijjar said, “It is not about costs, how can you put a value on seeing these people smiling?
“We want to be a bit different to other taxi firms. Most are in it just for the money, but that’s not what we are about. A lot of this is about trust – these people are putting a lot of trust in us.

“We are definitely going to make this an annual event now.”

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