Cab Driver Jailed for Dangerous Driving

A man from south Yorkshire said today how he is lucky to be alive, after he was run over by a taxi driver and left unconscious with a broken ankle, a brain injury and punctured lung.

Martin Malia, spoke out after cab driver, Mohammed Sarfraz was jailed for 14 months, after being convicted of dangerous driving, not reporting an accident and leaving the scene of a collision.

The cab driver, Sarfraz, was warned that the UK Border Agency may consider deporting him. He has lost his private hire insurance, license and has also received a banned from driving for 3 years.

Malia and his girlfriend Kirsty Lockwood had paid their taxi fare for the journey to Maltby from Rotherham town centre, when Sarfraz insisted on an additional fare when they arrived home.

When they both refused to give more money, the taxi driver locked Lockwood in the taxi and drove off, turning the vehicle around in the cul-de-sac and knocking Malia over.

After he was run over, Malia suffered a broken ankle, brain injury, internal injuries and punctured lung in the incident which happened last August and needed surgery to fit pins and plates to his ankle.

Malia says he still has scars from where the taxi’s tyre struck his chest and also suffers from memory problems.

Law firm Irwin Mitchell, head injury specialists, are now looking to secure a care and rehabilitation package to help him recover from his injuries.

Malia is currently undergoing occupational therapy and physiotherapy at the Sheffield Community Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust.

“I feel lucky to still be alive after what happened. The whole experience was terrifying and Kirsty and I have both been scarred for life – physically and emotionally,” said Malia, who has no recollection of the incident.

Lockwood explained, “We had taken the taxi home with friends and had just dropped them off, but when we arrived at Martin’s house the driver demanded we pay over the original fare, which we had already paid.

“Having done the journey in a taxi before, I knew how much we should be paying so I asked him to show me the meter, but he just plain refused.

“As I was arguing with the driver, Martin got out of the car to go into the house. The driver started to get angry, and then locked me in the car and drove off down the road.

“It was absolutely terrifying when the driver locked me in the car. I didn’t know what he was going to do.
“I then had to sit there while he ran Martin down and I could feel the bump as he drove over the top of him. I just remember thinking he’d killed my boyfriend.”

Kate Petchey, of Irwin Mitchell’s serious injury team, explained that, “Martin has suffered very serious injuries as a result of this incident and now has a long process of rehabilitation ahead of him.”

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