Black Cabs to Start the Meter running early and Manchester Fares to increase by 4.3%

Under plans to increase taxi fares, black cabs will start their meters running earlier and faster.

Following a yearly review, taxis in Manchester are set to increase journey fares by 4.3%. It means that a ride in one of Manchester’s Hackney carriages which will cost £10 at night for a three-mile journey or £7.60 during the day under the new plans that will be approved by councillors this week.

The new plans will also allow taxi drivers to start their meters with a £2.30 charge after 370 metres – compared to the current 387 meters, or 224 metres at night between the house of 10pm and 6am.

Fares will increase by about 20p every 174 metres thereafter in the daytime instead of 182 meters and every 130m at night time.

The cleaning charges for drunk passengers if they are sick in the cab will also increase to £30 from £20. The changes are due to come into force on the 1st June and are said to have been agreed by drivers and approved by licensing chiefs yesterday.

The fares were said to be increased to make them in line with factors such as the increased cost of UK taxi insurance and the rising cost of fuel.

Manchester’s executive member for the environment, Councillor Nigel Murphy, said, “The city council reviews Manchester’s hackney carriage fares annually, using a formula based on factors such as rising fuel and insurance costs.

“This year, after applying the formula, a 5.8 per cent fare increase was indicated, but the committee was concerned about Manchester taxi passengers getting hit in the pocket, as well as black cab drivers potentially getting priced out of the market.

“Following consultation with the trade, a recommendation was made to the committee of an alternative increase of 4.33 per cent.

“The committee and trade have also agreed to look at ways of amending the formula in future years.”
Councillors have refused additional increases to cover the cost of barrier charges for black cabs picking up or dropping off at Manchester Airport and Piccadilly Station.

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