Black Cab Travels across the World from London to Australia for Charity

A black cab has travelled through 39 countries starting from London to Australia for charity.

Most Londoners know how hard it is to get a black cab to travel out of the City of London, but this taxi is doing just that – all the way to Australia.

Three friends from Aston University are travelling 32,000 miles around the world in this black cab that’s covered by taxi insurance to raise money for the Red Cross.

The group of three passengers have embarked on an amazing road trip with their black cab named Hannah and have so far combated a sheep traffic jam in Armenia, avoided the Taliban in Afghanistan and have also had an encounter with the secret police in Iran.

Johno Ellison, 27, Paul Archer and Leigh Purnell, both 23, set off from London on 17th February 2011 and have so far clocked up 17,000 miles since they left.

They are now coming up to the strict Communist state China, where they will probably face difficulties getting on the internet and using their accounts for various blogging and social networking sites.

They have passed through Paris, Finland, Georgia, Italy, Turkey and India since they started their route.

Next they will pass through Thailand, Indonesia and other parts of Australia before they reach their final destination, Sydney which is around 12,000 more miles to go.

Luckily the meter hasn’t been turned on, as once the passengers have reached Sydney, the bill would have been a massive £70,000.

The group hope to raise £20,000 for the Red Cross and are hoping to set a new world record for the longest taxi trip.

One of the passengers, Ellison, said that Hannah, the nickname for their black cab is specially adapted and strong, so they are expecting to reach Sydney in one piece.

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