Black Cab Firm is Sued over a Crash that Wrecked a Businessman’s Face

An American businessman has been left needing major reconstructive surgery to his face after a crash in Mayfair, London.

John Falk is suing a London black cab company after the cab he was travelling in, crashed last February. A written order by the courts claims the cab was driving at such a high speed, that Falk was flung forward and his face smashed into the cab’s central partition.

As well as needing emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his eye, Falk lost several of his teeth on the taxi’s cash tray and broke his nose. Falk, who is a father of 3 children, has lost 70% of the vision in his left eye, despite having reconstructive surgery to his face. The written order also states that he has also suffered problems with his attention span and memory.

Falk’s solicitor said he had suffered “months of terrible pain from the swelling to his optic nerves”. Falk is seeking more than £300,000 in compensation as he has spent tens of thousands of dollars on private medical treatment.

On the written order, the director of Colts Cabs, Michael Glassman has been named as the defendant in the claim. However, Glassman said he has been named mistakenly because he was the owner of the firm that leased the vehicle. Glassman also added that, “Falk was not wearing his seat beat, therefore breaking the law”.

However, Falk’s solicitor said: “The taxi insurance company know he was not wearing a seat belt but that doesn’t take away their responsibility.” She explained that the taxi company has admitted to responsibility but has refused to pay out, which is why Falk has taken legal action.

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